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American Dental Association Fraud

American Dental Association (ADA) Ethics

The ADA fails to honor their own American Dental Association ethics requirements as evidenced by their continued support of the fluoridated drinking water fraud.

Several years ago I discovered some fluoridation research data that had been omitted from my formal education. As I studied the American Dental Association (ADA) and United States Public Health Service (USPHS) data and ethics, I found that some serious errors and/or misinterpretations were made (intentionally) concerning the claimed value of artificially fluoridated water.

I encourage you to study the ADA and USPHS research data listed in the bibliography and draw your own ethical conclusion. Based on the ADA and USPHS data, the reasons why I no longer recommend fluorides are discussed in the below document.

Click Here to view a PDF about my studies on American Dental Association (ADA) ethics and fraud.





ADA Fraud

Jim Maxey is a Mercury Free Dentist confessing dental secrets about Dental Mercury and Mercury Detox as discovered by other Mercury Free Dentists. He tells about the National Institute of Health and their failure to make public the research of Dr. Phyllis Mullenix while also referencing the reporting's of Christopher Bryson. He also tells about ADA ethics, and the corrupt teachings of the University of Michigan School of Public Health.
Jim Maxey also shares close held secrets about Mercury Deception, the ADA, American Dental Association, USPHS, United States Public Health Service Fluoride Fraud . Also about American Dental Association Ethics referencing publications by George L Waldbott MD and Hal Huggins DDS. Links