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Mercury - Just One of Dentistry's Best Kept Secrets

Mercury Free Dentists / Mercury Free Dentist

I am here to explain the benefits of using mercury free dentists and how it can be much safer for the patient. The mercury amount in dental fillings is about 50% of your fillings. This can be extremely hazardous to your health and the ADA (American Dental Association) and USPHS (United States Public Health Service) have been covering up this crucial information from the public for years now. Mercury free dentist practices are on the rise because people have come to understand that dental mercury is dangerous and isn't necessary for proper dental care.

There have been significant improvements in the equipment and techniques used by mercury free dentists in recent years and that is good news for the dental patient. In 2008 only about 10-15% of all dentists in the USA were mercury safe. Mercury free dentists are a minority and often face severe pressure from the American Dental Association (ADA) and its pro-amalgam peers. Thus, mercury free dentists tend to support each other and will often know others in various counties and states. If you can’t find a mercury free dentist in your city or town, call one listed nearby and ask to be referred to one close to where you live. It may take a few phone calls but it will be worth the effort. Finding a mercury free dentist is even more important if you have any existing health issues or immune system dysfunction, especially any form of allergy.

 All mercury free dentists are in agreement that mercury is a very poisonous substance and a serious health hazard but because it is not taught in dental schools there are no universal standards so the approach to mercury free dentistry will vary from dentist to dentist.  Click Here to view my studies on dental mercury practices.


Mercury Free Dentists / Mercury Free Dentist

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Jim Maxey is a Mercury Free Dentist confessing dental secrets about Dental Mercury and Mercury Detox as discovered by other Mercury Free Dentists. He tells about the National Institute of Health and their failure to make public the research of Dr. Phyllis Mullenix while also referencing the reporting's of Christopher Bryson. He also tells about ADA ethics, and the corrupt teachings of the University of Michigan School of Public Health.
Jim Maxey also shares close held secrets about Mercury Deception, the ADA, American Dental Association, USPHS, United States Public Health Service Fluoride Fraud . Also about American Dental Association Ethics referencing publications by George L Waldbott MD and Hal Huggins DDS. Links