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Mercury - Just One of Dentistry's Best Kept Secrets

Dental Mercury

Dental mercury, aka silver fillings, are misnamed, they should be called “MERCURY” fillings since they are often more than 50% mercury and only about 14% silver. These have been shown to have life long threats for patients that having these kinds of fillings.

The ADA and USPHS have hidden the "truth" about dental mercury for years and patients need to know all the facts before undergoing procedures that involve these types of dental mercury practices.

There are at least 116 physical symptoms that have been related to mercury exposure. These fall into many different categories such as psychological disturbances, oral cavity disorders, gastrointestinal effects, and systemic effects.

The main thing I want to share with the world is how I became a dental mercury expert, via my own personal dental mercury studies. You can click here to view all of my studies on this issue.

In looking for a mercury free dentist, you should ask questions to determine if he/she is trained and competent to protect you from potentially serious exposure by the usual methods of dental mercury removal.


Dental Mercury

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Jim Maxey is a Mercury Free Dentist confessing dental secrets about Dental Mercury and Mercury Detox as discovered by other Mercury Free Dentists. He tells about the National Institute of Health and their failure to make public the research of Dr. Phyllis Mullenix while also referencing the reporting's of Christopher Bryson. He also tells about ADA ethics, and the corrupt teachings of the University of Michigan School of Public Health.
Jim Maxey also shares close held secrets about Mercury Deception, the ADA, American Dental Association, USPHS, United States Public Health Service Fluoride Fraud . Also about American Dental Association Ethics referencing publications by George L Waldbott MD and Hal Huggins DDS. Links